Case 1: An accountant, aged 52 (with Fatty Liver)

He came to me with a fatty liver problem. He used to eat 'bak kut teh'' everyday without fail and has the habit of sleeping very late each night.

 After the thorough cleansing program (Excel Bodyhaul Therapy), he quits sleeping late because he would be sleepy after 10pm. He found that he dislike the small of '"bak kut teh" and could live without it. He started to enjoy eating vegetable and exercise. His
liver condition gradually improved.

Case 2: Farmer, aged over 30 (Heavy Drinker and Smoker)

He started drinking at the age of 16 and by the time he came to see me, he was drinking and smoking everyday until often came home drunk. As a result, he frequently ended in fights and needed to be carried home in his drunken state. He was also a heavy meat
eater since young.

After undergoing the Bodyhaul Therapy, he said that the smell of alcohol repulses him for they smelt like medicine now. He has started to maintain a diet with lots of fruit and vegetables and has since been able to quit both his drinking and smoking habits.

Not long after, his twin brother, who was also like him a heavy drinker and smoker, came for the program. He, too, likewise, experience

Case 3: Hairstylist, aged 36 (severe constipation)

She used to have a bowel movement once or twice per week. She used to eat a lot of white flour products in her diet, especially biscuits.

 After going through the health program, she is now drinking a lot more water, eating more fruits and vegetables and has greatly reduced her night life because she felt sleepy after 10pm.

She discovered thast her hair is growing faster now and her constipation problem solved.

Case 4: Many patients, various ages (bloated stomach)

These suffer from bloated stomachs almost all the time, regardless if their stomachs are full or empty. They were also feeling tired perpetually. Their diet consists of a lot of white flour products and milk products.

After the program, they eliminated their craving for refined carbohydrates, increased diet of fruits and vegetables and slowly got rid of their bloatedness.

Case 5: Migraine Sufferers , various ages

Most of those who suffer from moigraines has been consuming too much of chocolate products, chilli and coffee. After the therapy, many opf them reported they were able to improve opn their diet and their migraines were either eliminated or greatly reduced.

More cases

There are many more cases that have proven that indeed, when our bodies are rightly regulated, the symptoms that plagued our health will disappear.

When our bodies are cleansed and healthy, we would enjoy and crave for the foods that make us feel good, thus enabling us to maintain our good health.

"An unhealthy body craves unhealthy food, a healthy body craves healthy food"

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