After your body is thoroughly cleansed, you will need to move on to the second stage of improving your health and healing your ailments.

For you who have not been on long term medications, this will be a much simpler process. You will be taught what are the steps you can take to rejuvenate, most of them are natural through your daily food and drink, as well as some simple lifestyle changes.

For most people, having to change diet and lifestyle prove to be something extremely difficult to do, for example, many found it almost an impossibility to eliminate/reduce coffee, carbonated drinks (eg Coca-Cola) and refined carbohydrates such as white breads, pastries, cakes etc due to a developed craving for these foods.

However, after you have a thoroughly cleansed body through the Excel Bodyhaul Therapy, you will have a new ability to overcome your cravings and poor lifestyle. This is of course, with the assumption that you would like to change for to improve your health.

In fact, some of our patients have been enabled to overcome their alcohol addiction after undergoing the Bodyhaul Therapy.

What if I have serious ailments?

Those who have been on long term medications due to one health problem or another are considered people with medical conditions or serious ailments.

Whatever your medical problems may be, ranging from high blood pressure, diabetes or cancer which has put you on long term medications, the path to restore your health and to heal your condition is the same.

Of course, since you are weaker and more congested, it will take you a longer time to go through each stage. In the rejuvenate stage, you will be offered some help through suitable supplements targetted at your specific need.

You will be recommended with some positive energy supplements which I have personally tested to be good and effective. These are meant to be used temporarily until your body is able to operate well without it.

However, long term supplication is not the aim of our health program. The goal at this stage is to give aid to your severely impaired body parts to help it in it road to recovery. Long term usage of supllements are greatly discouraged because taken over a prolonged period, supplements too loads our bodies for they contained about 90% chemicals.

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