The human body is wonderfully made. It has the ability to regulate itself if we observe the natural rules of food, work and rest. When we go against these natural laws, toxins are created in the body. When this happens, the body attempts to get rid of them. This attempt by the body is considered as disease and different names to these diseases are given depending on the symptoms. Some of these symptoms include the follwing :

Allergies Gastritis High Blood Pressure
Shoulder and backache Constipation Rheumatism
Diabetes Palpitations Tinnitus
Insomnia Bloated Stomach Infertility
Migraine Heartburn Acne and skin problems
PMS/Abnormal menses High Cholesterol Constant tiredness/Fatigue

And there are others not listed as well.

If the transgression of these natural laws are rectified by natural methods, cure is possible without other aids. Health the natural way can be practised by anybody, regardless of the rich or poor. Most of them are common sense.

The practise of health through observing natural laws that govern our body will save the world of millions and so much more productive use of these funds can be thought of.

Let us start to be aware that our health is in our hands.

For many who are plagued with a poor health condition, remember this:

You are your own best doctor. Give your body what it needs and it will take care of your health.

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