At Excel Healthcare Solution, we restore your health in 3 steps:

Step 1: Thorough Body Cleanse

When you were born, your body had the ability to stay healthy. It could grow new cells, repair broken tissues, eliminate toxins, battle infections and so on. We were meant to eat well and sleep well.

As we grow, we fed it with too much toxins and do not provide it with enough water and nutrients for it to work properly. Thus, our body systems weaken slowly. Unknowingly, we have abused the body.
Therefore, all healing or health improvement MUST begin with the cleansing off our body's accumulated toxins in our liver, kidney, large intestines, lymphs and our cells. This is what Excel Bodyhaul Therapy is designed for.

Step 2: Rejuvenate Weakened Parts

After the body is cleansed, the parts that are weak due to prolong abuse or lack of care will need to be built up. With the removal of toxins, your body is now able to assimilate the nutrients necessary to boost up your immunity.

You need to go through the rejuvenate phase during which yopu will find your health gradually start to improve.

Step 3: Good Health Governance

In order for us to enjoy good health, we need to know and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. We need to know what our bad habits were, discard them and acquire good new healthy habits.

Re-education on good health governance is our vision. Health articles will be sent to you periodically to guide you along. You are also free to post us your queries and we will be happy to support you in any way possible towards your good health.


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