Q1: Why do I need the therapies to detox. Can't I just do it by changing my diet or by taking lots of foods known for body cleansing?

You can detox by taking a body cleansing diet with only fruits and vegetables. You can even do a water fasting, say, up to 10 days or so, to completely cleanse. However, not everyone is able to do it due to work or family environment. Furthermore, many who have heavily congested system will find it hard to bear with the various forms of 'detox re-action', such as migraines, dizziness etc when their body is cleansing and getting rid of toxins since these toxins take time to be dispensed from our body.

The EBT basically helps you to cope successfully without going through the tough regiment for some actually give up when trying on their own. It is also highly recommended to consume body cleansing fruits and vegetables for a few days whilst doing the EBT sessions for an even more effective effect.

Q2: How do I know how many sessions I need?

You will be assessed upon arrival and each therapy will be tailored to your individual need. Generally, 4 sessions are sufficient unless you are heavily congested.

Q3: How long does each session take?

Each session will take about 3 hours.

Q4: How much does each session cost?

Each EBT session cost RM380.

Q5: Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes. Just call up our office.

Q7: Is EBT safe? Are there any side effects?

Very safe, the principle is to use hepatobiliary own circadian rhythm, so there will be no adverse effects on the human body. When hepatobiliary toxins are expelled, the surface will be softened, bile duct would expand, and you will not feel any pain. The composition of intestine, liver and gallbladder will be absorbed and metabolised when the cleansing is finished, but the improvement of liver function will bring many benefits to your body.

Q8: I discharge a lot of green, floating block, soft toxins. What are they?

These are the metabolic waste deposited within the liver and gallbladder.  The components are cholesterol, bilirubin, bile acid etc. The shape, color and texture of each discharge are different. There are block, strip, sand like, granular, gruel-like, and these are the toxins in liver and gallbladder. The hard thing isthe crystallization of calcium oxalate, mixed with calcium content; The degrees of hardness vary depending on the calcification. Stones removed from operation are soft and can be broken by a pinch of the fingers, unlike most people’s impression that they are hard as stones. In addition, after discharging from the body, the calcified stones have been softened to certain degree.

Q9: Are you sure the floating debris are discharge from the liver and gallbladder?

These are from the liver and gallbladder. Green is the most typical as they are infected by the bile. Bile would normally being discharge but they are quickly oxidized in the intestine. Therefore, waste will not be green. Dischages can also be in dark green, green, brown and gray, and many other colours. This is due to the proportion of cholesterol and bilirubin. Discharge for each person are also different in shapes and colors, while the same person that undergone the treatment for the first time can also be different than the second time. Some people doubt that these stones are inside the stomach or intestines. Gastrointestinal stones are usually caused by improper diet, and many contain ingredients of plant or foreign objects, with coarse surface, medium hard to hard.  If they are too large, they can cause stomach and intestinal symptoms, and are completely different than the things you discharge. More important is that our hepatobiliary cleansing process in the three colon cleansing process should be clean up all foreign objects in the intestines.

Q10: How often should I perform hepatobiliary cleansing process? Will it cause me to rely on it?

After completion of the first liver and gallbladder cleansing, the next cleansing will depends on patient’s decision. Experts suggest it is best to perform it every six months for the rest of your life after the initial cleanse.  The longest gap should not exceed one year, as more cleans will make liver and gallbladder cleaner. Related to your life and work habits, the healthier life you lead, the liver and gallbladder will remain healthy for longer. This is like cleaning your room.

Q11: Can people with high blood pressure and heart disease undergo this cleansing process?

Cleansing process can clear the various metabolites in bloods, reduce fatty acid and cholesterol levels, improving cardiovascular and heart function. Of course, it must be perform in a stable condition. It also can help you clear the stool, improve constipation, which greatly reduces the risk of heart disease and sudden death.

Q12: Can people with diabetes undergo this cleansing process?

Patients with diabetes that undergo EBT will improve the physical condition. However, this must be done when blood sugar is under control after consulting doctors / nutritionist for a guided diet.

Q13: Under what circumstances that liver and gallbladder cleansing should not be done?

Do not do liver and gallbladder cleansing when you are feeling uncomfortable. When you are having a cold, tiredness etc, wait till your body recovered. Do not do liver and gallbladder cleansing when you are in acute illness.You can do liver and gallbladder cleansing when you have symptoms of mild chronic cholecystitis.

Q14: How long before the Lipids and fatty liver problems can be improved after cleansing?

Conversion and intrahepatic lipid accumulation of fat takes time. Effect will be seen after 3 cleanse and 2 months later. At the same time you also have to observe healthy diet and living habits.

Q15: When do I need to do liver, gallbladder cleansing?

If you have 2 to 3 of the symptoms below, it is necessary to do clean the liver and gallbladder:

  • Fatigue
  • Dyspepsia
  • Dizziness, bleeding nose
  • Gingival bleeding, vomiting
  • Red spots on the face, chest, hands and feet
  • Anaphylactic symptoms (cough, nasal discharge) in the morning or change of the season.
  • Jaundice in the eyes, fingernails and skin
  • Frequent drinking and drinking too much of alcohol
  • Long term medication
  • Weight loss for no reason
  • Diabetes
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Fatty liver or cirrhosis
  • Obesity
  • Swollen legs or stomach flu
  • Chest pains at times at the lower right side

Q16: During and after detoxification, what will I experience?

Conversion and intrahepatic lipid accumulation of fat takes time. Effect will be seen after 3 cleanse and 2 months later. At the same time you also have to observe healthy diet and living habits.

  • When toxins are seriously accumulated, bowel will emit noxious odors. Healthy bowel movements will not have bad odor.
  • May have moving sensation in the intestines, and may be accompanied by stomach growling. That proves that the detoxification effect has taken place, and you may massage your abdomen to accelerate detoxification. May keep passing wind as the unwanted gases are eliminated from the intestines
  • Frequent visits to the bathroom. In addition to the normal discharge of manure, the toxins and other aging waste will be excreted with the water. In addition to stool from the body, heavy metals, toxins, toxic waste can be completely excreted to achieve the best result. In the meantime, you might experience water discharge phenomenon. This is normal bowel detoxification, please do not panic
  • You may experience nausea during the process. You may chew fresh ginger slices but do not swallow
  • After detoxification, you will experience better bowel. Faeces will show the healthy yellowish colour
  • After detoxification, you may experience weight loss
  • After detoxification, your skin will become smoother
  • After detoxification, you will have better spirit than before
  • After detoxification, you will have better mood than before
  • After detoxification, you will have better tolerance with alcohol
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