Excel BodyHaul Therapy

The Excel Bodyhaul Therapy (EBT) is designed to purge our body from toxins accumulated in every part of our internal body. It is a complete body cleanse therapy.

EBT consists of 3 sessions per course. Each session will last about 3 hours and are conducted at our health centre. Before the start of each session, the patient will be assessed first to determine the weak areas. The therapies will be designed according to individual needs.

For more serious sufferers of diseases, more sessions may be required for optimum results.

Whole Body Detox

What do we achieve with EBT?

• Colon Cleansing
• Unclogging of the lympathic system
• Flushing out the kidney, liver and gallbladder stones
• Unblocking of the the “chi” meridians
• Cellular detox
• Removal of pathogens

Although all the above is important to achieve total body cleansing, the central focus is really the liver and gallbladder flush. More information on this in the Liver Flush page. Although there are many supplements which claims to achieve this, I have not found any to be truly satisfactory. They are either ineffective or very cumbersome to perform. However, the EBT therapies are so designed to increase the energies of your body's functions, liver and gallbladder stones are expelled easily.

Expected Result of EBT Session

Different results will be produced in different persons depending on how badly congested you are. Generally, you will be able to observe the following or more :

• Discharging of stools embedded in your colon
• Discharging of gall and liver stones
• Improvement in your complexion
• Better sleep quality
• Higher energy level

The EBT program is not meant to cure you of all your diseases, but it is a CRUCIAL 1st step towards your healing. One of the most important function of the EBT is that you will be able to overcome your bad eating habits, cravings and diet, which is the Number One enemy to a good healthy body.

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