Hi. My name is Ng Leong Hwa. I practice as a holistic healer. Qualified as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioter cum acupuncturist, I have been under the guidance and training by 5 different TCM practitioners.

I have been seeing countless patients for the past 23 years, sufferers of all kinds of health maladies, ranging from the serious cancer sufferers to the ones who were simply seeking to conceive! I also conduct health talks and seminars all over the country.

I am convinced in healing the holistic and natural way. All the while working with various patients, I have been researching on the natural way to health as well as studying the countless health products on sale and some aggressively promoted via direct selling. Do they truly achieve what they promise? How do we truly achieve health naturally?

After years of research, I have designed a Health Program and introduced it to my patients since 2006. I have seen very good results, patients recovering simply and naturally.

It is my conviction, therefore, that medical help is important for those who are very seriously sick when their body needs immediate help and for emergency cases. Most of the rest can be well without incurring much cost and be prevented from falling ill again.

You are also welcome to contact me should you have an enquiry. Any feedback is welcome too.


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